Val Karee [v0.4.00] By ValKaree

ValKaree Games released a new game called Val Karee and the version is 0.4.00. The game’s story is about her girlfriends who were on a camping trip when they were attacked by monsters. Her friends were taken but Val got away, and now she’s back and fully armed and ready to be a hero. She can do it all — kick enemies down, shoot them in the face, slide past their attacks, and blow them the fuck up. She’s tough. She’s buff. And she’s heading into the haunted forest to show them who’s boss. Join Val as she tries to survive the evil hordes and rescue her friends. Fight fast, fight hard, and fight smart, and you may just survive. Or just go ahead and get killed if you prefer — that’s kinda fun, too.​

Developer: ValKaree
File Size: 341.0 MB
Version: 0.4.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Released 2023-07-26

What’s new:

  • New level: “Backdoor” (Level 4)
    • New enemy: Goblin
    • New trap: Sawblade
    • 14 new H animations
    • 4 new background H scenes
    • 8 new CGI placeholders (actual CGIs to be added in upcoming release)
    • 22 new ‘dead soldier’ background characters
  • “Controls” image added to in-game menu

Released 2023-04-24

What’s new:

  • Animation gallery
  • Kneeling functionality (needed for future levels)
  • H animations now use forest background instead of gray background
  • FPS and room text invisible by default
  • FPS and room text visibility can be toggled with shift+f

Released 2023-03-14

What’s new:

  • CGI Gallery
  • 2 new CGIs
  • 16×9 resolution, optimized for 1920×1080 displays. This will allow the game to play in fullscreen mode and eliminate the black bars that surround the game on most players’ machines.
  • zoom in/out using +, -, and enter keys (during gameplay)
  • ‘h’ hotkey causes Val to collapse naked without having to be hit
  • ‘n’ hotkey makes Val naked and reduces health to 1
  • ‘k’ hotkey kills Val
  • Ashley animation updates
    • additional animations/frames where there currently are none
    • shorter initial dialogue
  • Monica level
    • Room 08 made easier (zombies no longer spawn at feet, more time between spawns)
  • Ashley level
    • Room 120 made easier (more grenades)
    • Room 20 made easier (spikes more spaced out, longer room, medkit added)
    • Added some more dead soldiers
  • Reduced delay between evades from 2.15 seconds to 1.25 seconds
  • Increased grenade hit range by 50%
  • Added medkit pickup
  • Added release notes to Instructions
  • Fixed bug where killing many enemies with a single grenade made the sound cut out
  • Fixed bug where bullet goes through living zombies

Cheat Codes:

Type “ashley” in title or levels screen to unlock Ashley level and CGIs
Type “escape” in title or levels screen to unlock Escape level and CGIs

Developer Notes:

Performance bug: If the game is running slow at the beginning of a level, try maximizing the window. This usually gets rid of the slowness, and afterwards you can resize the window to the size you want and still get good performance. See “Instructions” in the game’s title menu for details on how to play, along with known bugs and troubleshooting tips.

Game Images & Screenshots

Warning: This game has Guro content


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