Veska & Mina’s Succubusic Journey [Final] [Tistrya]

**Scene overview
Cleaning the cock of a merchant who spends a night on the way
Giving Blowjob in exchange for the information provided by townspeople
Being raped by bandits while on estrus
Being attacked by wild Tentacles and fucked three holes
Showing off Masturbation as a proof of their relationship with orcs.

— Vesca
A skilled human adventurer. She is traveling the world after the Demon lord has been defeated to break the curse of the succubus.
She is not good at socializing because she has survived the world with just sword skills. She is polite, but she is also rude.
She hates the curse that makes her open her legs to a man…..

— Mina
An elf sorcerer traveling with Veska.
She is well knowleged about magics and very chatty. She has a strong optimistic personality, so she is very good at socializing.
She does not suffer from estrus due to the curse, and actively supports Vesca while having fun.

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