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In Warlock and Boobs, the main character, Krowly has always had a burning desire to master the art of magic, embark on thrilling adventures to hunt down monster girls, and most importantly, satisfy his lustful desires. Join Krowly on his journey to accomplish all of his wildest dreams!


  • Date: 12/July/2023
  • Name: Warlock And Boobs
  • Version: v0.412.0.1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Son
  • Dev: Boobsgames
12/July/2023- Updated to v0.412.0.1

New scenes:

  • Astra visits spa. Talk to her at Saturday morning. Need 30+ relationship with her, and the spa quest should be finished.
  • Blowtitfuck scene with Mother Sabrina. Unlocked during the quest, after that accessible via flirt menu. Requires 30+ relationship points
  • Great Paladin appreciation scene. Unlocked after the new quest, later accessible via flirt menu

Updated Scenes:

  • Agnieszka and Jason, added illustration, Including inflation variant

New pictures:

  • Agnieszka and Jason, +3 variants
  • Astra and elves, +3 variants
  • Mother Sabrina blowtitfuck, +2 variants
  • Great Paladin bukakke, 3 variants total
  • Great Paladin appreciation, 7 variants total


  • some text fixes by futaonmale
  • fixes of some bugs
12/June/2023 – Updated to v0.411.0.2

New dungeon (Random Generated Dungeon 3). During the hunt with Eric. It has 9 rooms, but the rooms that you will see are chosen randomly, and it has different layout every time you visit, Some rooms will have blocked doors, some will have chests, some – different types of enemies. At the end you might trigger new scene with Sister Elizabeth. The dungeon can be pretty short or more complex depending on the random numbers when you enter it. It also can be empty or full of loot or full of enemies. Has a hidden secret.

Every dungeon you haven’t seen yet has a higher chance to appear, but they do it more in order, so if you keep getting a specific old dungeon, the loading save and trying again may not help. It’s better to get all the dungeons in your dungeons menu, and then game will try to show you the new dungeon you haven’t visited yet (still a chance, but much higher one)

New scenes:

  • Brother Volt buttfuck. Can be triggered when he is praying (Monday and Sunday morning), after you saw him using Golem’s mouth and after you heard a conversation about his butt from Diana (Friday and Thursday morning). Both needs to be triggered in this update (the game won’t remember if you have done it before)
  • Sister Elizabeth’s and huge dick. Can be triggered during the new dungeon.
  • Bathing Juliette. Saturday evening, near Eric’s house.

Updated Scenes:

  • Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. Illustrations added and the scene reworked. Mostly a new scene at this point

New pictures:

  • Brother Volt’s butt. 4 variants
  • Sister Elizabeth and huge dick. 4 variants
  • Bathing Juliette
  • Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. 8 variants.


  • pregnant lamia scene added to RGD1
  • Big mouse fix. I went trough all the scenes in game and added a fix that will hopefully prevent the bug when if you impatiently clicking mouse during the scene, Krowly starts to move around and while changing sprite. If you will experience a bug where your mouse isn’t working after a scene, press “W” two times to fix it, and report this scene to me.

Hotfix 0.411.0.1: It fixes Volt’s new scene not triggering. You will need to watch him fucking Golem Nun again
Hotfix 0.411.0.2: It fixes the last room in the dungeon, adds cumflated image for Juliette’s scene, and hopefully fixes the spa bug (I hope it was fixed this time)


Hotfix v0.410.0.2: it fixes the issue with rain summoning and the glitch the the spa

Overall 0.405 Changes

New scenes:

  • Carla’s twerking scene. Invite Carla for a dance during topless Friday. If you have 50 relationship with her and 200 lust, it might lead to an afterparty
  • Brother Volt is using Golem Nun’s mouth. At Friday night, at his tent. No illustrations for now.
  • Futa elf is dancing for Jason, Derek and Sebastian in the spa at Wednesday day time

Updated Scenes:

  • Fina fapping. Illustrations added

New pictures:

  • Carla twerking, 12 variants total
  • Futa elf dancing. A temporary version, will be replaced later
  • Fina fapping. 6 variants

Small things:

  • Pixel animations for alchemy table.
  • Busty, naked, lingerie and goblin outfit variants for the pixel animations when Krowly is working on the field, cooking, or helping Kestia
  • you can ask Mabel for sparring again, after you defeated her first time. I also added a pixel animation of her feeding defeated Krowly, and Krowly sucking her boob


  • Fina’s oral scene isn’t accessible at any lvl of relationship anymore, sorry
  • all lust attack were working wrong on Krowly. Now it’s fixed
  • there was a bug where player was able to accidentally delete hidden items that allow Golem Nuns upgrades to work. I added a fix for that, it should also restore these items if you already lost them (you can’t see them normally)
  • a lot of smaller fixes


Has Gay, Futa content. Can be turned off at the start. No Blueballs.


Used to be grindy, I think it is toned down now. Full save and Walkthrough given. Joiplay Compatible on Android.


Warlock and Boobs v0.412.0.1

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay:

Mega iconMega

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay(Compressed~80Q):

Mega iconMega

Walkthrough [EN(v0.410)/RU(v0.411)] + Full Save(v0.411):

Mega iconMega


Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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