Wrestling Dynasty [v0.1] [UniSeven Studios]

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my debut game. I’ve been a lifelong wrestling fan and I’m excited to combine my passions of storytelling and professional wrestling. Please refer to the Genre section in regards of current, planned, and “literally never” tags.

You can also check out the Wrestling Dynasty wiki, where you can break kayfabe and read the guides on the secret renders, just in case you haven’t found them yet: Wiki


* Every love interest and h-scene (except for Melissa and Abigail, the main two LI’s) involving the MC is optional and fully avoidable.​

* There is no NTR. There will never be NTR.​
* If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! The quickest place for discussion is on our Discord.​

* The first update is rather straightforward in order to lay the groundwork for the story.​

* Yes, slow burn. There will not be a “Hi, my name is LI, let’s fuck right now!” or any of the sort. Slow burn Romance is the gimmick. Heavy emotions, heavy feelings, and eventually heavy love making fucking.​

* You will come across 8 potential Love Interests in Update 1. The two main Love Interests (Melissa and Abigail, your Mother and Older Sister) are featured heavily throughout the entirety of Update 1.​

* It’s strange to even consider this a feature, but I live in the United States, which means English is my first and primary language. Expect high quality writing with minimal (ideally zero) spelling or grammatical errors, as well as rigorous self-playtesting to ensure the most seamless and bug free experience I can deliver.​

* Please be aware of the following: the MC himself does NOT wrestle whatsoever in this entire update. Update 1 is about the journey of getting the MC where he needs to be in order to begin his wrestling career, and more importantly, the WHY of his wrestling career beginning.​

* There is no grind, no “Be at X location at Y time in order to do Z.”​

* Audio is extremely important to me and excessive care went into selecting the best soundtrack I could for an immersive experience… However… Brother, audio in Twine is incredibly clunky and unwieldy to use. I just want to say… I tried my best lol.​

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