You Throw Like a Girl [v0.45.2] By Vim

Vim Games released a new game called You Throw Like a Girl and the version is 0.45.2. The game’s story is about You being the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you’re dating the hottest girl in school. Life is good…or it was until you got yourself cursed by a witch. She wanted you to lose your muscles and your spot as the starting quarterback, but to your horror, other changes seem to be taking place too.​

Developer: Vim
File Size: 67.7 MB
Version: 0.45.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

What’s new in 0.44.1:

  • There is now a Quickstart feature! You can answer some questions and fast forward to Halloween, skipping over the first month of the game
  • You now get another period in November
  • New sex scene and costume during Halloween (pick the prisoner jumpsuit to trigger it)
  • Jessica shows up at the Halloween party
  • You can now put your hair into a ponytail while you work out. This also triggers a transformation.
  • The football stats have been balanced. The difficulty level for the games and for your stats being raised and lowered should make sense
  • Griffin can f*** you at the lake
  • Corey gets a male gym uniform
  • If Griffin gets a boner, the paper doll shows his hard cock
  • Fixed bug where some dates wouldn’t happen on the reality change or trans paths
  • Fixed bugs where you could get romantic scenes for players you weren’t romancing
  • Fixed the bug where your football stats would become undefined
  • You now have to change before and after your workout. This should fix the bugs that happen if you don’t change back after working out in a sports bra
  • Fixed broken link in Raven sex scene
  • Raven’s reason for wanting you to sacrifice your skill for Griffin now makes sense
  • Cleaned up the code around your transformations, which should fix some bugs
  • Fixed continuity errors and typos

What’s new in 0.45.0

  • Added a scene where you tell Jessica that you used to be a guy. This comes with a sex scene
  • Added a scene where you tell Griffin that you used to be a guy. This may also come with a sex scene
  • Updated some of the scenes so Raven, Jessica and Griffin won’t act like they think you’ve always been a girl if you’ve told them about the reality change
  • You can play as a black main character now
  • Added lots of new art, including different colored yoga pants
  • Replaced some of the old art assets with crisper art, including the dresses, sports bras, side characters
  • You now start off with a very muscular build.The paperdoll will also show you with muscular arms if you get your strength back
  • Rebalanced the football stats system
  • Added a scene where you buy a strap-on after the reality change
  • The sex shop is now part of the mall
  • Fixed bug with code that checks if you can wear the clothes that you’re wearing
  • Fixed bug where you get the second tampon scene when you go to the mall to buy tampons for the first time
  • Fixed bug with checking transformations when doing Quickstart
  • Fixed bug where Jessica’s panties weren’t added to your inventory if you didn’t put them on during the panty raid


  • Six new mannerisms (hip swaying, girly handwriting, girly taste in music and movies, pouting, crossing your legs, playing with your hair)
  • Almost 1000 places where the main character uses their new mannerisms (this took up most of my time)
  • Added a scene where you can give Griffin a blowjob under the covers if your teammates catch you in his room
  • Your voice will now change from blue text to pink text as it gets transformed
  • Fixed bug where you can’t continue if you’re about to work out with large boobs but don’t have a bra
  • Fixed bugged End of Content message on male path
  • Fixed bug where you can’t continue during the mall date if you already have the flower dress
  • Your football outfit is no longer automatically reset after you come out as trans
  • Jessica no longer shows up on your mall date with Griffin if you’ve been on a mall date with her before
  • If Jessica wants to fuck you with the strap-on, you’ll have to choose either yes or no
  • Added a hint that you should masturbate to porn if failing to get off in the shower
  • Added Griffin relationship stat back to the Stats page
  • Fixed other continuity errors and typos


  • The trans path is now a sandbox!
  • Added three new scenes for when Corey gets too aroused and orgasms during class. These scenes were mostly written by PinPig
  • Added a big scene where Courtney tries to keep her spot on the team after coming out as trans
  • Added a lunch scene where you can tell your friends about that practice
  • Added a new scene talking to Jessica about your parents visiting if you’ve already come out as trans
  • There’s now a warning before practicing or working out if you or Griffin have maxed out stats
  • Went through all the lunch scenes and made sure the other characters called you by the right pronouns if you’re trans
  • Fixed Jessica date getting set up if you’re already dating someone else
  • Required player to wear bra after reality change
  • Fixed pants and shirt being removed at lake if you take off one of them
  • Removed strapons from paperdoll after sex
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to access other Jessica scenes if you’re able to break up with her
  • Trying to work out on the trans path without yoga pants prompts you to get yoga pants
  • Made it so you only get two actions on days with football practice
  • Made some Raven scenes unavailable after the reality change
  • Fixed continuity errors and typos

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