Your Hot Step Families [v0.03] By OnlyGoodGames

OnlyGoodGames released a new game called Your Hot Step Families and the version is 0.03. The game’s story is about Your Hot Stepfamilies is an adult visual novel where you have a lot of step-relatives. And only you decide how your relationship will develop. The game version is like a demo, full sex scenes are locked by patreon support message link.​

Developer: OnlyGoodGames
File Size: 77.4 MB
Version: 0.03
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.03 – Initial release.

Developer Notes:

In our game, you will have many choices that affect the development of the plot. They can be conditionally divided into three groups:

1. You try to be a good boy. Your step-relatives are grateful to you for this. However, there is sexual tension between you, so you can’t completely avoid hot moments.
2. You feel like your step-relatives want you. Basically, you don’t mind it. But you don’t take the first step. No, this does not mean that you are passive and infantile. You just love being seduced.
3. You think that you should fuck all your step-relatives. Some of them want it. Other girls are not yet ready for this. But you don’t care. You know for sure that they will be your bitches in the end.

Your Hot Stepfamilies has several features. Firstly, each of our releases is a complete storyline related to a particular character. Secondly, we like diversity. You can easily see this when you look at the list of our characters. Thirdly, it is you who decides who will become the main character of the next release.

Your father’s new family

Mary is your father’s new wife. After the mess with your previous stepfamily, you swore to your father to be a good boy. Will you keep your word? Or is your father in danger of becoming a cuckold again?

Audrey is Mary’s eldest daughter. This girl is dating the most popular guy in her school. But she has suspicions that she is not his only girlfriend. Audrey is afraid to be a drama queen. But she is clearly unhappy with this situation.

Nancy is Mary’s youngest daughter. This short, puny girl says that she needs a stepbrother to stand up for her. But your experience tells you that girls like her only pretend to be modest and shy. Perhaps she needs something completely different from you.

Paige is Mary’s sister. She divorced her husband many years ago because he could not be faithful to her. All subsequent partners cheated on her as well. Paige thinks that she is cursed. Or is it because of her eccentric behavior?

Sara is Paige’s daughter. She talks a lot about sex, assuring that any teenager can envy her experience. But you get the feeling that Sara got all her knowledge from porn movies. Maybe she just wants to appear cool in this weird way.

Your mother’s new family

Tina is your mother’s new wife. It turns out that your mom prefers not only young cocks, but also wet pussies. It came as a shock to your father. But you think that a lesbian stepmom is cool.

Shirley is Tina’s eldest daughter. This girl hates you because she is convinced that your mother seduced her mother, who did not show lesbian inclinations before. Can you overcome her bias and hostility?

Ella is Tina’s youngest daughter. She is awkward, silent, and avoids eye contact. You are not a psychiatrist, but you think that she has Asperger’s or something. Although her relatives do not see anything strange in her behavior.

Ashley is Tina’s sister. She constantly quarrels with her black husband and says that one day she will kill him and feed his corpse to hungry dogs. Ashley has a dark sense of humor and mouth-watering curves.

Naomi is Ashley’s daughter. The frequent scandals of her parents make this black girl doubt the expediency of a relationship. She considers family an outdated concept. Does this mean that Naomi is ready to fuck with everyone?

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